William Benjamin Lawton & Cora (Baker) Lawton

Written by: Leo Lawton

This photo was taken July 1,1927. It is Cora Baker Lawton and William Benjamin Lawton. W.B. was born April 25, 1866, and Cora’s birth was January 16, 1868. Cora died the next day, July 2, 1927. These were my father Lloyd’s parents, as well as his brother Floyd, and sister Clara. Clara told me they knew Cora was dying and wanted a photo which she did not want to be in her bed. Grandfather and Clara who was 16 at the time dressed her and supported her outside. At the last second William let go, the photo was taken, and Gramp caught her and carried her back inside. During the night she died. This home was rented by the family. It yet stands on Snell Road near I-81and State Road 411. Gramp lived another 31 years and died in 1958.

Grandchildren of Will & Cora, along with Lloyd (son) and his wife Alice. Delbert, Mary, Robert, Jon, Lawreonce, Ronald, Leo and Fred were children of Lloyd and Alice. Doris, Helen, Floyd, Phyliss were children of Floyd (son) & Beatrice (Baker) Lawton.