USS Lawton

Written by: Leo Lawton

During 1889 the keel was laid for a ship named the Yumuri. It was acquired by the United States Navy April 19, 1898 during the Spanish-American War. Fitted as a Cruiser she was renamed the Badger April 28, 1898. She was decommissioned October 31, 1899, and stricken from the records on March 23, 1900. She was then transferred to the War Department April 7, 1900. Refitted once more she was renamed the USS Lawton, and used as a troop transport ship. She was turned back over to the Navy on November 12, 1902, but lay idle until again commissioned April 18, 1905, only to once more be decommissioned November 17, 1906. Sold to a civilian company in 1907 she was renamed the Rose City. Sold and resold several times between 1909 and 1929 the now 41 year old ship was cut down into a barge in 1930.

The USS Lawton had been named for General Henry Ware Lawton (Medal of Honor winner) killed in action in the Philippines in December 1898.