The annual Lawton reunion

Watertown Daily Times, Tuesday Afternoon, July 9, 1928

Lawton Annual Reunion Held At Thompson Park

The annual Lawton reunion was held at Thompson Park Wednesday. Clark Lawton offered prayer. Mr. And Mrs. V. McGovern read a memorial for those that had passed away. After lunch a business meeting was held and new officers were elected for the coming year.

Among those present were: Frank Lawton and family of Lycoming, N. Y.; Will B. Lawton (Leo’s father’s father) and family; S. B. Lawton and family. Floyd Lawton (Leo’s father’s brother) and wife. Mr. And Mrs. Raymond Cunningham (Leo’s father’s sister Clara), Gouverneur; Mr. And Mrs. Clarence Lawton (Leo’s father’s older half brother), Clinton Lawton Clarence’s brother), Theresa, N. Y.; Mr. And Mrs. Sanford Lawton and son of Homer, N. Y.; Mr. And Mrs. Jay Lawton and Mrs. Fred Monroe, Philadelphia, N. Y.; Mr. And Mrs. Fred Lawton, Evans Mills, N. Y.; Mr. And Mrs. Clark Lawton and family, Mr. And Mrs. Lawton and children, Stephen, Donald, Jesse, Fannie, and Marcus; Mr. And Mrs. Ralph Lawton and family; Mr. And Mrs. Ray Clark and family, Oswego, N. Y.; Mr. And Mrs. Hilton Marsh, Philadelphia, N. Y.; Glenn Lawton, Sterlingville, N. Y.; Ethel Cousin, Antwerp, N. Y.

All of the above are closely related to my grandfather’s family. Sterlingville no longer exists. During World War II several small villages were bought for an addition to Army Pine Camp. With the additional size the Army then named the facility Fort Drum.