Sylvester A. Lawton

Written by : Leo Lawton

Sylvester A. Lawton Died in the Patriot War in Canada. Unmarried

Letters written while in prison in Kingston, Canada are preserved by the family. ———————————————————————————————————————————

Book titled Death Notices of Ontario by William D Reid published by Hunterdon House in 1980 page 300.

Extracts from Albion, N Y: Kingston, U. C. Spectator January 4th.

This morning Christopher Buckley, Sylvester Lawton, Russell Phelps, and Duncan Anderson, state prisoner’s, were escorted from the fort at the usual hour to the Court House, and executed.

Joseph Lefore (or Lefort), 29, Lyme, transported; Daniel Liscomb, 40, Lyme, transported; Samuel Livingstone, 40, Lisbon, transported; Joseph Lee, 21, Palermo, pardoned; Andrew Leeper, 44, Lyme, transported; Hiram Loop, Schroeple, Oswego county, transported; Sylvester A. Lawton, 28, Lyme, hanged Jan. 4, 1839; Leman L. Leach, 40, Salina, hanged; Oliver Lawton, 22, Saratoga Springs, pardoned.

Where it states that some were transported it refers to the British custom of taking prisoners to Van Dieman’s Land (known today as Tasmania).