Oliver Lawton born 1739 NY

Written by: Leo Lawton

Oliver Lawton, born in 1739 was the great, great, grandson of Thomas Lawton the original immigrant to Rhode Island. Oliver took the big step and moved to the hinterlands of central New York in 1789. Oliver had 5 boys and probably a daughter, all born between 1762 and about 1780.

I believe Oliver’s wife and all their children came with him on the great journey. Eldest son David went further west to Scriba in Oswego County, while sons George, Oliver jr., and Joseph remained in Fairfield near their parents. Son Benjamin chose to pursue his fame and fortune further north in what is now Jefferson County. He was soon farming on the Connecticut Road near Oxbow and raising 12 children.

One of Benjamin’s children was named Oliver who lived about 4 miles from his father by the road, but only a couple of miles as the crow flies. On the 16th day of November 1833 Benjamin set out cross lots to see his son Oliver. He never made it and had perished hanging upside down from a bush by his snowshoe.