Life’s Blood

Written By: Leo Lawton

November 27, 2005I have come to liken my circulatory system to my past, present, and future.

I am my heart, my present, and the center of my universe. As my heart accepts blood from my veins, oxygenates it, and pumps it through my arteries, I absorb the blood from my ancestors, enrich it, and pass it to my descendants.

My veins carry life to me from my extremities, just as my connections to my ancestry have brought their blood into my system from far away places, and times long past. Veins, my attachment to the past, bring me the blood of my ancestors to refresh for them, and pass it to the future.

Arteries are those vital lifelines to the future. They are the highways of life used to move the blood of my ancestors to the blood of their, and my, descendants. I am but the present heart of the system, and the hearts of those very same descendants will replace me in the future, and they will become the center of their own universe.

Like the waters in the River of Life I have written of in the past, the blood in my veins shall never cease. Since time immemorial humanity has searched for the Fountain of Youth, but all the while it has been within them. My blood was the blood of my father, and all who came before him, and it is the blood of my children and all those who shall follow them. Blood is the Fountain of Youth, and the River of Life. As my heart is the connecter from my veins to my arteries, I am but a single droplet that flows in the bloodstreams of eternal generations, connecter of the past and the future.