Letter from Henry Ware Lawton to George

March 1st, 1898
Los Angeles, Cal:

Dear George,

Yessir. They came from my ranch, (and I have 2000 cases just like them) and I plucked them with “my very own little hands”. also packed them, painted your name on the box. As soon as a car goes your way again from our packing house I will send you a box of such lemons as you will delight to squeeze, also from my ranch but they will be picked and packed by the “old woman”, as I am off today for business, as you will see by the enclosed itinerary.

The forbearance and patience of the administration is praiseworthy, but I am anxiously awaiting the moment when I shall feel proud I am an American, and trust I shall not feel that my head should be hidden in shame for my countrys cowardice. I feel that the situation is well described in the clipping I enclose.

I presume you are busy. I hope you are, at the factory. After leaving you, I visited the household of Corbin’s enemies, and found they had not even courage enough to admit their opposition, and so but feel as sure as you of the result. I send my letter of congratulations today. I wish I could see you, —– you in —– of the California —–.

Love to all yours,