Isaac Lawton – Born 1730

A Little History

Written by: Leo Lawton

January 2, 2022

At the end of the Revolutionary War there were several factions yet at odds. Obviously Great Britain and the several Colonies were not at ease with each other. Another faction to be considered was numerous separate American Native tribes. The newly separated colonists were not too fond of those Natives that sided with the British. Also, those same newly freed American Revolutionists were a bit antagonistic to the Colonists that had remained loyal to the British King and were known as Loyalists.

Isaac Lawton, born in 1730, was the great great grandson of Thomas Lawton the original immigrant along with his brother George, to Portsmouth, Rhode Island by 1638. During those troubling times Isaac remained loyal to King George III. After the fighting was over, he found it necessary to leave his Rhode Island background, and settled briefly in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania along with other Loyalists. However, King George III decided it was prudent to remove his followers from their current abodes for an environment that was somewhat safer for them.

In 1783 several ship loads were offered a new arrangement whereby they were transported to the sparsely occupied area known as St. John, New Brunswick, Canada, which was yet under British control. There Isaac lived out his days and died June 4, 1810.

Darlene Lawton Love, a descendant of Isaac resides there yet.