Family of Lloyd Lawton

Written by: Leo Lawton

April 14, 2016

Lloyd Lawton

His: William Benjamin Lawton married Mary Elizabeth Houghton December 4, 1889. Born unto them July 11, 1891 was a son Clarence Elijah Lawton, followed November 10, 1894 by a second son Clinton Wilson Lawton. Mary died May 29, 1895 leaving Will with two infant sons living with Mary’s parents.

Hers: Cora Baker and George Lester had a daughter May 16, 1884 named Ada Lester, followed by a son Raymond H. Lester July 23, 1886, and another son Charles Allen Lester November 25, 1887. George departed.

Theirs: Will and Cora had a son Lloyd Benjamin Lawton August 27, 1905, followed by Floyd Eugene Lawton June 12, 1907 and by Clara Hattie Lawton March 30, 1911.Lloyd was born in the township of Pamelia, Jefferson County, New York. When he was 5 years old his family moved to Ernfold, Saskatchewan, Canada where he attained all of the book learning he ever received. It was probably equal to the sixth grade, but don’t let that fool you. He was an astute and knowledgeable man. When Lloyd was 13 the family migrated to Lismas, Valley County, Montana. While working a team of oxen later that year, after he had turned 14, he accidentally struck himself with a bullwhip blinding one eye. While Lloyd was yet 14 the family returned to Jefferson County, New York.While in his early 30s the eye had to be removed due to complications. He was told that he might lose sight in both eyes if he didn’t have the one removed.

In 1935 Will and Lloyd both gave up their rented farms near Evans Mills, and Lloyd moved north to the Ogdensburg, Saint Lawrence County, NY area. He first lived on the road to Canton about two miles from Ogdensburg, on a small, rented farm located across the road from where the end of the airport runway is today. Delbert Arthur Lawton was born November 12, 1936, at that home. Next the family moved to Cedar Street on the outskirts of Ogdensburg near where the State Troopers barracks is today. Leo David Lawton was born in that house on July 19, 1938, as well as Dixie Rose Lawton February 25, 1940. They continued to live there until Halloween Eve 1941 when Lloyd and family moved to a purchased 119 acre farm 4 miles from Ogdensburg on the road to Canton.